Ryan Scott, Percussion
From the Esprit Orchestra’s October 3rd concert in the free concert series in the Richard Bradshaw Amphitheatre featuring myself and my wife Sanya Eng on harp as soloists of works by Andrew Staniland and Alexina Louie; and then a fabulous performance of Luciano Berio’s Folk Songs featuring the principal musicians of the Esprit Orchestra with the always magnificent (and our good friend!) mezzo-soprano Krisztina Szabo. Photos by Kevin Lloyd


From my latest performance of Erik Griswold’s Spill in the Evergreen Brick Works kilns.

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I had a great time working with composers James O’Callaghan and Christopher Mayo on Continuum’s first concert of the season. It was TECH HEAVY, with multiple amplification and electronic extensions both audible and visual for works including composers Nicky Lizée, Jagoda Szmytka (PL) and Pierre Jodlowski (FR) - video coming soon. Great review from Musical Toronto, and much appreciated feedback for the whole Continuum family:

"I stand by my initial statement: RavAGE is a triumph of programming and execution. Whatever Faustian pact that was made to create such a cohesive program was worth it...Continuum put on one of the best concerts of the year."

HERE. (Update: RavAGE selected by MusicalToronto.org as one of the top 7 concerts in 2016!)


Thank you Alex Pauk and the Esprit Orchestra for a powerful and memorable performance of Andrew Norman’s SWITCH Percussion Concerto!

“The concerto, Switch, is filled to the brim with wacky, disjunctive energy from the orchestra and a long parade of smashes, bangs, and jangles from soloist Ryan Scott. The concerto’s demands on the soloist are remarkable, requiring mechanical precision and coordination as they move between instruments. Scott was demonstrably comfortable in this demanding role, easily choreographing his way through a large conglomeration of instruments.” – Tyler Versluis (Musical Toronto), October 28, 2016


Photos by: Malcolm Cook


The Canadian Premiere of Andrew Norman’s percussion concerto SWITCH (2015) is coming up October 23rd with the Esprit Orchestra in Koerner Hall. (background music from my Maki Ishii Live CD).


An idea comes to life
. Music originally conceived by Marin Marais and reimagined by Michael Oesterle with Ballet Kelowna and Continuum choreographed by Heather Myers. Many thanks to Edward Mark Epstein for funding this commission. This recording was created April 29, 2016 in Kelowna, B.C.

The Art of Time Ensemble presented two sold-out concerts celebrating Frank Zappa with (to name a few) all the Black Pages, Inca Road and Zomby Woof.

Feb 19:16

New Music Concerts presented Sur Incises by Pierre Boulez. I was very proud to perform this masterwork with friends Gregory Oh, Stephen Clarke, Wesley Shen (pianos), Erica Goodman, Sanya Eng, Angela Schwarzkopf (harps) and fellow percussionists Richard Sacks and David Schotzko.

Feb 15:16

Performing with virtuoso peri, taepyeongso and saengwhang (pictured here) performer ‘gamin’ from South Korea, for Soundstreams Canada.

Feb 10:16

Rehearsing Siegfried with the Canadian Opera Company Orchestra at the Four Seasons Centre in Toronto.

Jan 12:16

Post-Concert with Continuum as a Wind Quintet and guests of the Société de musique contemporaine du Québec (SMCQ) in Montreal, with Graham Mackenzie (oboe), Graham Lord (clarinet), Mikhailo Babiak (french horn), Darren Hicks (bassoon), and Kaili Maimets (flute).

Dec. 6:15

A fantastic day with my family and I received my Doctor of Musical Arts Degree from the University of Toronto!

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Great photos of some of my instruments (of which hundreds were used) by Brian B. Bettencourt in this Toronto Star article for a concert of the American Songbooks and Ancient Voices of Children by George Crumb, presented by Soundstreams Canada in Koerner Hall.

Article HERE

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 10.46.30 PM

A great review in The Wholenote of my latest recording of Andrew Staniland’s Talking Down the Tiger - “Virtuoso Toronto percussionist Ryan Scott brings both the ferocity and lyrical sensitivity suggested by Staniland’s score alive in his musically sensitive performance.”

Article HERE

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 11.15.04 AM

May 20, 2015 -
Great times in Rotterdam where Continuum was featured in the opening gala concert featuring Canadian new music at Classical:NEXT. Thanks to the Canadian Music Centre and the Canada Council for the Arts.


January 18, 2015: Premieres of Orion Constellation Theory by Andrew Staniland

(click on titles for video link)

Version 1 for Snare drum and electronics
Version 2 for two Snare Drums with Dan Morphy

September 9, 2014
My latest version of Spill by Erik Griswold

January 22nd, 2014 7:30pm:
Recital (click on titles for video link)

Michio Kitazume  (JP) Side by Side (2005)

Yoshio Hachimura (JP)  Ahania I and II (1971)  

Michael Oesterle (CA)   Look on Glass* (2010)
with Linda Caplan, Koto

Tokuhide Niimi (JP) Shape of Wind (1989)

Andrew Staniland (CA)  Talking down the Tiger* (2010)
with Andrew Staniland, Sonolin

*commissioned works

Vivier (CA) - Pulau Dewata

Oesterle (CA) - Carrousel

Takemitsu (JP) - Seasons

My set-up for Seasons by Toru Takemitsu- Photo by Akira Fujii
Takemitsu Seasons

William Littler on the Soundstreams tour to Taipei and Beijing. ARTICLE


First rehearsal for the world premiere of Erik Ross's new concerto for Saxophone and Percussion with the Esprit Orchestra (pictured: Alex Pauk, conductor, Wallace Halladay Saxophone and Erik Ross)


Another great article by John Terauds on the piece we premiere tomorrow night by Michael Oesterle. And I'm honoured by this quote:

"Ryan Scott, whose virtuosity and adventurous spirit is an inspiration to all Canadian composers writing for percussion"

Read the article HERE.

A short promotional video for the Canadian Brass recording of Stars and Stripes. It was a remarkable experience to play these brilliant rudimental arrangements by Robin Engelman with percussionists Russell Hartenberger and Bob Becker.

Fanfare reviews Maki Ishii Live
"This music is so rich and mysterious. Ryan Scott's playing is deeply sensitive, as well as virtuosic. The music has real power, a sense of the sublime."

The full review HERE

Playing Dennis Desantis +8 with Wallace Halladay at the Drake


György Ligeti - Continuum
A true pleasure to work with Haruka!!

Michael Oesterle -
Look on Glass
The first version was marimba with Kazue Sawai on Koto, here is the second version with the Continuum ensemble.

Toru Takemitsu - Rain Tree
(Naxos 8.555859)
Bob Becker l Russell Hartenberger l Ryan Scott

Gramophone reviews Maki Ishii Live in the April 2012 issue

At the centre of these live performances, Ryan Scott is a chameleon-like virtuoso who triumphs over the varied colouristic demands and technical challenges. Scott is joined by superb colleagues in the Concertante and elsewhere by the Esprit Orchestra, led by Alex Pauk, who make exceptionally lucid and powerful contributions. -Donald Rosenberg

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Terres brûlées…ensuite

Live at the Music Gallery, Dec. 9, 2011
with an introduction by Vinko Globokar

Pasted Graphic
photo: Gregory Oh


4/4 stars "An aura of tension surrounds even the most delicate passages, and occasionally that tension explodes, much like a chemical reaction. Solo percussionist Ryan Scott's musicality is as impressive as his technique."

The full review HERE

For more news and reviews please visit www.makiishiilive.com
Presented by Innova, the label of the American Composers Forum.

NOW THAT'S A LABEL!! Thanks to Philip Blackburn, Chris Campbell and Steve McPherson at Innova for giving me my first e-bandaid!

After following precise instructions in Globokar's Terres brulées, ensuite... to buzz into a trumpet mouthpiece attached to a long plastic tube swung around my head (while occasionally dipped in water), the end of the tube made contact!



Vinko Globokar is in Toronto! I met with him today and explained that to play his score for Terres, Brulées, Ensuite... as written, I would need to get a permit, hire a licensed technician and a fire marshall at a cost of $5000. He got a kick out of that!

UPDATE (silk $100):


Me and Vinko after the show.

Thanks to David Perlman for the nice write-up in The Wholenote. Article is HERE


November 30, 2011 -
My set-up for Maki Ishii's South Fire Summer in Koerner Hall.


Maki Ishii: a compelling look at the music and influence of the Japanese composer
Tuesday, November 22, 6:30 pm at The Japan Foundation, Toronto
Join us for a lively event featuring performance, demonstration and discussion with composer Alexina Louie, percussionist Ryan Scott and Esprit Orchestra conductor Alex Pauk.
Location: The Japan Foundation, Toronto, 131 Bloor St. W., 2nd Floor of the Colonnade Building Admission: Free


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